What others didn't do

BCharity company
allocate $3 000 000
for Airdrop and Simple Bounty.

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From $10 to $25 for all participants

All participants will receive from $10 to $25 in Stakes which will be exchange to BCharity Tokens at the end of sales

We offer the simplest
Airdrop and Bounty Campaign

There is no longer need to make reports about the posts, reposts, and publications on the forum! All checks and charges will be automatic.

You can earn tokens by communicating in your favorite social networks and Bitcointalk forum, just by leaving links to accounts in your Bounty cabinet. We will track your activity, which is associated with the BCharity, and immediately accrue a reward.

All participants, who will put the logo BCharity on their avatars in chosen social networks and Telegram, and also add to their name "ICO BCharity.io", will get 1000 bonus Stakes, after the Main Sale finished. You must not remove avatar or the added name before the summarizing. The bonus Stakes will not be accrued if an avatar or signature will be absent when our moderators will check.

Three participants, who have earned most number of Stakes, will receive a prize for the high activity at the rate of 1 ETH after the Main Sale is finished.

All participants who will join BCharity Telegram Channel and BCharity Telegram Chat will get 1 CHAR as a GIFT



Mention "BCharity.io"



Mention "BCharity.io" with the hashtag #BCharity.io



Mention "BCharity.io" with the hashtag #BCharity.io



Mention "BCharity.io" with the hashtag #BCharity.io



Mention "BCharity.io" with the hashtag #BCharity.io



Like, repost, retweet in Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter


Tokens will be distributed among all Airdrop and Simple Bounty participants in a proportion of earned Stakes and after finished of this campaign you will received Tokens to your account.

The reward for any action, which is described below, will be accrued in Stakes.

No limit on the number of actions.

Spam and fake accounts will be blocked.

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Confirmation of participation in Airdrop and/or Simple Bounty


2. Join the Telegram channel: https://t.me/bcharity


3. Join the Telegram chat: https://t.me/bcharity_chat


4. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcharity_io


5. Rate us and subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bcharity.io


6. Manage your profile: https://bcharity.io/home/bounty


BitcoinTalk Forum

Junior Member: For putting signature - 1 Stakes

Member: For putting signature - 2 Stakes

Full Member: For putting signature - 4 Stakes, putting avatar - 6 Stakes

Senior Member: For putting signature - 6 Stakes, putting avatar - 10 Stakes

Hero and Legendary: For putting signature - 10 Stakes, putting avatar - 14 Stakes

You should make at least 10 posts for a week.

Example: You are Senior Member and have set avatar and signature. For each post, with a mentioning of "BCharity.io" you will get 16 Stakes.

Social networks
FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Participants with 100-200
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 2 Stake

Participants with 201-500
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 4 Stakes

Participants with 501-1000
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 6 Stakes

Participants with 1001-2000
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 8 Stakes

Participants with 2001-5000
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 12 Stakes

Participants with 5001-10000
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 20 Stakes

Members with 10000+
subscribers/readers/friends/contacts: 30 Stakes

For every like, which will be put on the BCharity official pages you will get 1 Stake regardless of the number of subscribers/readers/friends/contacts.

You should make at least 5 posts/tweets and 5 reposts/retweets per week.

Example: You are a member with 1700 followers on FaceBook. For every post with the mentioning of "BCharity.io" and the hashtag #BCharity.io you will get 8 Stakes.

Campaign translation
300 000 CHAR

The number of participants and languages is limited. Minimum reward is 10 000 CHAR.

You can request languages, which are available for translation, details, and text in our chat in Telegram.


• Translation White Paper - 50%

• Translation and moderation of ANN, Airdrop and Simple Bounty branches - 25%

• Translation of the website - 15%

• Translation of the One Pager - 10%

To apply for participation you should link to: https://bcharity.io/bounty/form/translations

The campaign of creative making and specific support - 300 000 CHAR

The number of participants is limited to 150 people. The minimum reward is 2000 CHAR.


• Creating a quality video about the project - 30%

• High-quality reviews, articles or publications about BCharity on any platform - 40%

• Special support - 20%

• Audit (Finding bugs on the website) - 10%

To apply for participation you should link to: https://bcharity.io/bounty/form/content/

A link to the creative, which was made, you should send to: https://bcharity.io/bounty/form/report

The reward will accrue only after checking of created content for uniqueness and quality.