Yieldnodes Review 2022 – Legit Crypto Project Or A Scam?

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Hi and welcome to my Yieldnodes review. Let me explain what this service is all about.

By incorporating crypto masternodes into a mathematical process, Yieldnodes creates a profitable ‘pay for service’ system for its customers.

As a result of the masternode server leasing scheme, the platform earns passive revenue. Cryptographic storage and verification using a blockchain system also fall under this category. Additionally, no prior experience with masternoding is required to profit from Yieldnodes.

In this article, you will learn more about Yieldnodes. Keep reading to find out whether or not they’re the platform you need.

Here’s a full review video;


In a network, masternodes are servers that stand in a special category apart from regular nodes. They have the potential to provide novel services, ensure the integrity of financial dealings, and contribute to the management of networks.


In fact, an incentive system is in place that is very similar to commissions. As with putting cash in escrow for rewards or supplying collateral when applying for a bank loan, masternodes must stake coins to obtain ‘node’ status.


Masternoding is an excellent strategy for earning passive revenue from blockchain networks. However, if any component of masternoding is non-functional, the process as a whole poses significant dangers.

Average Monthly Return of Yieldnodes

Yieldnodes typically generate a monthly return of around 10%. The high return on investment (ROI) that masternodes might see with the proof of stake network paradigm is to blame for this.

September 2022 returns are likely to be above 5%. In fact, this investment has now paid lower than 5% per month since its inception 2 years ago!

As a point of reference, a year’s worth of real estate investment may yield a return of 10%, but only one month of Yieldnodes can yield the same return.


Recent yearly returns have averaged over 101%. Therefore those who opted for monthly compounding saw returns of nearly 265%.


When you add money to your Yieldnodes account, it is immediately converted into masternode coins. For the proof-of-stake methodology to verify the security of your masternode investment, you will need to secure your coins.


This investment has the longest waiting period. For example, nodes on the Ethereum blockchain hold ETH for a whole year. Yieldnodes has a six-month deposit lock when you cannot access your funds.


Every cent paid into the system must be used to maintain the status quo of the service. The requirement of a six-month waiting period is partly due to the time it takes to shut down a masternode. After you earn your monthly average return of 10%, your earnings will show up in your account balance on the first of every month, alongside your principal investment.


In addition, you’ll receive an email from the platform’s staff with all the information you need to know about the return for the last month. At times, they may even have a video update.


There are two distinct ways to cash out on Yieldnodes. The first step is to cash out your whole monthly earnings. After the six-month lock period ends, you can begin making withdrawals from your initial investment.


When users request withdrawals, the network must temporarily deactivate the masternodes holding their money. A month or more may pass throughout this procedure. Withdraw requests to BTC wallets can be made once the masternodes are terminated.


When asked how their money is distributed among the masternodes, users have said they are pleased with how Yieldnodes does it. They say that the developers always look for the best method to return their money.

Payment Methods

Yieldnodes’ ease of use is enhanced by the fact that you need neither cryptographic currency nor skills to get started.


Visa, Bank Card, Mastercard, or a Bank Wire are all acceptable means of payment for this. Your funds are converted to cryptocurrency and invested once they have been sent to the platform from your bank.


Also, Coinify and Walleteze facilitate the deposit of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Generally, it takes around a week for your investment to be transformed into masternodes once Yieldnodes gets your payment.

Yieldnode Concerns

Yieldnodes returns appear stable, and the portfolio is properly diversified. 


  1. The users’ funds are in considerably more jeopardy because there is no capital guarantee.


  1. When you factor in the market’s volatility, there’s always a danger that your crypto holdings might turn against you. 


  1. Yieldnodes’ ability to pay out dividends and produce sufficient revenue would be hampered by a temporary drop in the value of cryptocurrencies, much alone a huge departure from the platform. 


Apart from these potential dangers, using the platform has several other significant drawbacks. However, the crew is honest and delivers what they claim, and the communication is excellent.


Yieldnodes might benefit from a robust online community and an automatic withdrawal method, which are currently in their infancy but may be on the horizon. We hope you enjoyed our Yieldnodes review!